Bicycle Track along Subway Train in New York at Sunset

Welcome to the Bicycle Super Highway Project

Our goal is to uprade New York Cities transportantion infratstrucutre with a highway network exclusively for bicycles.

With pure speed towards your destination

The Bicycle Super Highway is similar to a highway for cars. It is a dedicated lane without any interruption; no interjunction or red light stopping you.

The highest grade protection along the way from A to B

On the dedicated lane, you have the safest bicycle ride ever. It’s you and fellow cyclist–no cars, no pedestrians, no construction sites.

A quick route that merges neighborhoods

Communities from various neighborhoods grow together. You travel easy and cheap to the eastern fringes of Queens and Brooklyn and discover overlooked areas.

It’s time for a traffic upgrade in New York City! And you can part to get your city back on track–reinvigorate your street, your community, the places you love! 

The Bicycle Super Highway plans the construction of a network of dedicated and uninterrupted bicycle paths to link New York City’s boroughs. We are a grassroots organization to coordinate the planning and realization of the transportation highways of the future. 

Your help is needed! Contribute to the Bicycle Super Highway project, give your inputs, support us with your knowledge about the surroundings in your neighborhood, specifics of planning and construction processes, safety requirements, precautions to guarantee inclusivity for people of all backgrounds, and any other piece of information that you deem important and helpful for this project.

Donations are highly welcome too. We are grateful for all support and look forward to realizing New York City’s next mega-project together with you. 

Our city has tons of infrastructure but one crucial bit is missing, a fast track for cyclists, which allows fast and safe commute between the boroughs.

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